Welcome to Paradis

If you’re an ice cream lover, you’ve come to the right place! At Paradis, we are very passionate about giving you extraordinary experiences with our ice cream! Even though you might see our name  in both Denmark and America, we’re a bunch of intense ice cream lovers who run our own local independent Paradis store.

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Only the best is good enough for Paradis ice cream, which is why we travel far and wide to find top-quality ingredients for our ice cream and sorbets.

Our passionate ice cream chefs make the flavors fresh every night from high-quality ingredients.

We exclusively use fresh, ripe fruit for our flavors. No frozen fruit or purees- we source from local markets to ensure the ripest and freshest fruit.

We source our ingredients from around the world looking for the best possible taste. We use organic cocoa from the Dominican Republic, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, and organic almonds from Spain.

Here at Paradis we offer something for everyone, no matter their preferences. You can choose between ice cream flavors made from local dairy, fruit sorbets made with water, and plant-based ice cream made from non-dairy alternatives such as almond milk and coconut cream.






Become an independent franchisee in Paradis supported by an ambitious and skillful franchisor.

We are the leading ice cream chain in Denmark and you can become part of our goal to become even bigger and better.

Come to one of our infomeetings in Pasadena, CA.

  • 19/9
  • 24/10
  • 28/11​

Contact: [email protected] to set up a local meeting and learn more. 



Whether it’s a birthday, a business meeting, a wedding, or any other social event,
we guarantee that your guests will love being served ice cream from Paradis.

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